Go Bombers!!!!!!!

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On the 10th of  Febuary 2015 all year 5 students of NGPS walked down to Gardenier Reserve to have a clinic with the best AFL team on Earth, Essendon footy club AKA the Bombers! I had a lot of fun we did a marking activity, kicking a ball activity and a tackling activity , even though I had a broken arm, I learnt that to be a team you need team work and to have teamwork you need to cooperate, listen, be honest and try your best!!! On the way back to school my feet felt like a 100 pound weights, I was sweating like hell, my water was almost steam but I didn’t care I was sooooooooooooooooo happy to meet the members of my footy team.

What AFL team do you go for?




Melbourne Cup

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In 1861 the first ever MelbourneCup was held at Flemington Race Course with a crowd of 4000 people the first winner was a thoroughbred named Archer. It was held on the first Thursday in November until 1875 when it was changed to the first Tuesday of November, but for 3 years in the WW2 it was held on Saturday.

Famous horses have won it such as Pharlap, the legendary champion racehorse. This years winning owners 3.6 million dollars and a 2000 dollar trophy. This year there are 24 horses racing.


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I was facing a challenge at Tony Clark Reserve named Orientering with my two Best Friends Sophie and Ella. It was the 22nd of October and it was steaming hot but we kept going, I saw other students striving to complete the course and more orange and white markers. I only got up to 7 on level 11, but I thought it was pretty good. That was all for this year see you again Orientering!

Coach Approach!

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On Friday the 17th of October we had Coach Approach! We did Hip-Hop, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Taekwondo and HandBall. My favourite sport was Taekwondo, Second Handball, Thrid Hip Hop, Fourth Soccer and Fith Basketbal.

Jeremy Scott

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Jeremy Scott

came to our school to talk to us about his amazing bike journey. He rode to raise money for
the heart foundation, because when we was younger he had a hole in his heart as big as a 20 cent piece.

Jeremy rode his bike from London, England to Auckland,New Zealand. He was a persistent man, well until he stopped off on a hill and had a sulk and had very negative thoughts like this is to hard! But then he had a thought and went I’ve been here for thirty minutes instead of being here I could be thirty minutes down the road so I should get on and keep going!

Jeremy inspired me to be persistent and resilient because when I fall off my pony I give up any way. He changed my thinking ALOT.

The CommonWealth Games: Amazing Info

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In 1930 the Commonwealth Games were born in Canada, but they were created and organised by the British Empire. They were held every four years after that , except in 1942 and 1946 due to war. Every four years until 1950 they were known as the British Empire. This year 71 nations and territories are involved in the games, but as I said earlier other countries were allowed to compete after 1950 so if a nation or territory wanted to join they had to agree to 16 rules like human rights and peace. There are 17 sports in the games this year such as aquatics, netball, shooting, boxing and lawn bowls. This year the games are held in Glasgow, Scotland. This is the 20th anniversary of the games and there has been 80 years since 1930.

Australia has 30 gold medals, 22 silver and 32 bronze. At first England was beating Australia but we bet them in netball and took their place! Now I know why Australia’s suit colours are green and gold! There still is a chance for England to take our place, to get into the action jump onto http://abc.net.au/news/2014-07-27…off…games-medal-table/5626966

Kimberly Mickle is a star javelin thrower from Australia, she was born on the 28th of December 1984. In 2001 she came first in the youth world championships in Debrecen, Hungary and she came second in the world champion ships in 2013 in Moscow, Russia.