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“Today in class, we have a guest speaker coming in to talk to our classes.” Miss C said as everyone sat on the floor. Minutes later we were in Mrs Boyd’s grade listening to our guest speaker and her name was Bridget Donovan. Bridget is the executive producer for the new ABC show “Back Roads” and also is a journalist. She told us about the show  because it realates to our inquiry unit in a way. But when she started talking about her job it really got me thinking…

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I think I want to be a biological scientist because I love animals, plants and science. I think I will enjoy this job because I like figuring out stuff and finding the best possible answer to anything alive.

The academic skills I will need are bio, humantites, health and English. The personal skills I will need are persistence, resilience, cooperation, active listening and organisation.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Why?

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