Perfect Persistence

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I sometimes get scared and think I can’t do it i think I can’t do it, I fell like stopping and giving up then I remember the you can do it key persistence and keep going and I accomplish it. I’m sure you don’t get what it is so I’ll tell you what it’s about. Persistence means to keep going even when things get hard and never ever give

Why is persistence important?
People have been using persistence since we were Neanderthals (I think) and still after around 200,000 years later we’re still using it. How do you think Nellie Bly travelled around the world in 72 days or one Edmund Hilary climbed Mount Everest? They used persistence, that’s how. It’s important because it’s what keeps people and animals alive and that’s how you get through life.

How can you be persistent?
Everyone is persistent, even babies but how can you show the world that you’re persistent? You could face your fears or try to break a world record or even just do something that you think is impossible. No matter how much of a scaredy cat you are you can always be persistent.

In conclusion everyone got some persistence in them and guess what it ties in with resilience because being persistent also means trying not to cry. So that’s all I think I can tell you so see ya later alligator!