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Ever wondered about what’s in lightning? Ever wondered why you jump back once you’re hit? Do you want to know how to stay safe? Well, that’s is all in this article about lively lightning. Before we start please ask me anything else you want to know about lighting.
Lightning in general
Every body knows about what lightning is because everyone knows it comes in storms and can kill people and causes blackouts or turns electricity back on in a house. It can cause scare the live out of people with it’s partner of thunder. But something I bet you don’t know is what’s in lightning… Well it’s electricity but what’s in electricity?

From Horrible Science Shocking Electricty

From Horrible Science Shocking Electricty

Well, to just make it easier I give you this example there are atoms in every thing and electrons go around them and when it’s in the case of electricity the electrons travel around super super fast and they get super charged or over charged, which creates electricity.

Did You Know? Lightning is a giant electrical spark.
What should I do in a lightning storm?
Lightning or Thunder Storms are dangerous, really dangerous. If you get shocked it’s very dangerous but even though you should be able to live since most people survive from shocks don’t try it. If your teacher is shocked by lightning he would fly back because of the electrical force that the lightning put on him. If you’re driving in a car while there’s a lightning storm you’re safer than being outside a car because the lightning reflects off metal but don’t be close to a car! If someone is struck and there are puddles near him move out of the way because the electricity could passthrough the puddles and could shock you. If you ask me in a storm you should just stay at home.

Did you know? Benjamin Franklin did his famous kite and key experiment because

1. The kite would catch it and it would catch onto the key because it was metal.
2. To prove his theory on electricity.
As this is the end hope you enjoyed reading this and learnt a few things about lightning and how to stay safe. Please take this . Thank you for reading! 🙂

Facts: Horrible Science: Shocking electricity.
Pictures: Horrible Science.



The Awesome About Me 2016!

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My name is Isabelle, I am 11 years old and live in Australia. My name means pledge to God and is French. My favourite colour is blue, I enjoy riding horses and obsessed art and horses. I have a little brother and a mum and a dad we live on a farm with 7 horses 2 cats and 1 dog. My hobbies include riding my beautiful pony, doing art and many many many more.

A little more about me.
I’m a pretty friendly person and get along in big and small groups. I am pretty fit and I can normally get a job done if I’m asked to do it. I enjoy riding horses so much, I also enjoy playing with my brother and my dog, I’m really good with technology and lots of art. I have gold/brown hair and have big brown eyes and have quite few freckles on me. I have long legs but I have a short body, I’m in year 6 and only 145 cm tall!

Places I been.
I traveled to Bali and got malaria but other than that I had lots of fun there. I’ve been to Fiji 3 times, twice for run and once to see my cousins that moved there for 6 months! I go to Sydney pretty much every school holiday to see my Mum’s family who lives up there. We go to Tasmania frequently because we have a fishing shack down there and dad loves fishing. Every summer we go up to a place called South West Rocks, I love it because it’s warm and you swim every day in the ocean.But the best place I’ve stayed at is my house, I love it.

As you can see that’s a little bit about me, it might not be what you wanted to hear, but i hope you enjoyed it so thank you for reading.


What else would you like to know about me?