Terrific 3 Way Conferences

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Hey Bloggers,

Yesterday we did 3 way conferences. You’re probably wondering what they are… They are just like Parent & Teacher interviews except the teacher isn’t talking to mum or dad till the end. We have to host it. You need to tell your parents something about each subject, ( Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry.) We had to write a script so we don’t say stuff like umm…. Uuuuuuhhhh… Here is my script:


Here is is a reflection of last night when I did it:


If I could fix anything about last night I would fix how quickly I talked as mum and dad said I talked as if I was being chased!

How did you feel?

Reflecting on Reflecting?!

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My definition
Reflecting means you think deeply about something, the good thoughts and the bad thoughts. Thinking about what you could improve on next time, how you could of improved it. What we think of it.

Why do we reflect?
It would help me understand it more, be better at writing recounts. I could reflect on a good ride, a bad ride, the best day ever or the worst day ever. If you can reflect you can write a recount. You could write a good report, it all starts with reflecting.

How do we reflect?
People choose different ways to reflect, making notes, sitting down alone, with music on and etc. I reflect by writing notes into my memo book, sitting in a corner alone and sometimes using the hats!!!