Vairety Of Terrific Texts

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I have the same goal (again ugh!) and this will probably be my last time ever!!! This goal means to explore different books are than what I’m used to. My evidence is that last week I was on chapter 4 of The Hunger Games and today I’m on chapter 11! Here is my evidence: IMG_4092

My Reflection:


I’m going to change my goal next week because I have accomplished my goal!! 🙂 YAY!


My goal means that I can stop reading horsey books and try something different. The activities I did were comic reading at SciFi reading they helped my archive my goal because I can enjoy different stuff now I can’t stop reading both these books. Here is my evidence:

Looney Tunes Comic

: Looney Tunes Comic



My Favourite Mistake:





I’m back with the exact same goal! This week I read “Hello Grandma” (it’s a poem and A Wrinkle In Time (it’s a sci fi novel.) I enjoyed both of them because A Wrinkle In Time brang out my sympathy for Meg and Hello Grandma just was hilarious! Next week I’m going to try for a different goal because I think it’s time for me to explore something else, what do you think about it? Should I change or not? Why?

Above is my evidence for selecting a variety of texts. On the top left is my book review for Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and on the top right is my reading time table! Next week I think I should do this goal again because it was a bit tough!

Do you think I should do this again next week? Why?


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