Out Of My Mind!






I predict Out Of My Mind is about a goldfish who’s goal is to escape from his bowl. He is about to jump when he completely forgets how to jump. When he remembers how to jump he jumps and lands on the floor next to the family cat’s bed. He tries to escape but it’s to dry luckily the owner picks him up. He finally jumps into the sink and floats out to sea.


After reading the first chapter I now predict it is about a girl who is paralysed. I got that clue because she said she was eleven and still couldn’t talk, walk or feed herself. She had a million words in her head but she could not say them. She could remember every word someone said to her or about her and she took them as a gift.  I now know that my first prediction is wrong because the book isn’t about a goldfish.


I predict that Melody is getting nervous about going to DC and maybe wants to pull out. We found out that Melody has Cerabal Palsy, so I know my first prediction is wrong. Maybe she might win the DC Wizz Kids competition.

prediction4 and summary 

Melody has not been able to go to DC because her team didn’t tell her 🙁 . The day after the competition it was stormy and rainy Melody wanted to go to school for some reason. Melody was kicking and screaming in the car because she saw Penny run out of the house she was the only one that saw her do it. She tried to alert her mum but it was no use she just made her mum angrier as the car backed out THUD! Melody’s dad ran out wondering where Penny was her mum hopped out and saw Penny and started to cry. I predict that Penny got badly hurt or even killed.

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