Cool Currencies

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This is my last time on this goal and I have a special video! This goal means when I go around the world next year I know what currencies there are. Today I worked on making the special vid and here it is: Currency Vid


I have the same goal again this week that is International Currencies. This goal means that when I travel I know all the currencies and what one AUD is in that currency. Today I have listed ten random currencies and converted them into AUD then listed 5 and their symbols. Here is my evidence:

Here is my reflection wheel:



This week my goal is international currencies! I don’t know much and I keep on asking my parents about it so I decided to investigate it!

My goal means to me when I go to Europe or America when I’m in high school I can now how it works.

My activity was converting Euros, U.S. dollars and Pounds and my other activity was finding ten currencies and symbols for them. It was very helpful because I want to know what 1 of one currency is worth in Australian dollars and the other activity was helpful because I never knew how many currencies and symbols there were!


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