The Awesome About Me 2016!

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My name is Isabelle, I am 11 years old and live in Australia. My name means pledge to God and is French. My favourite colour is blue, I enjoy riding horses and obsessed art and horses. I have a little brother and a mum and a dad we live on a farm with 7 horses 2 cats and 1 dog. My hobbies include riding my beautiful pony, doing art and many many many more.

A little more about me.
I’m a pretty friendly person and get along in big and small groups. I am pretty fit and I can normally get a job done if I’m asked to do it. I enjoy riding horses so much, I also enjoy playing with my brother and my dog, I’m really good with technology and lots of art. I have gold/brown hair and have big brown eyes and have quite few freckles on me. I have long legs but I have a short body, I’m in year 6 and only 145 cm tall!

Places I been.
I traveled to Bali and got malaria but other than that I had lots of fun there. I’ve been to Fiji 3 times, twice for run and once to see my cousins that moved there for 6 months! I go to Sydney pretty much every school holiday to see my Mum’s family who lives up there. We go to Tasmania frequently because we have a fishing shack down there and dad loves fishing. Every summer we go up to a place called South West Rocks, I love it because it’s warm and you swim every day in the ocean.But the best place I’ve stayed at is my house, I love it.

As you can see that’s a little bit about me, it might not be what you wanted to hear, but i hope you enjoyed it so thank you for reading.


What else would you like to know about me?


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Testing the house!!!

Hey Bloggers,

This term we did PEH (Passive Energy Houses) and here is a brief of what we did:


Cool Careers

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“Today in class, we have a guest speaker coming in to talk to our classes.” Miss C said as everyone sat on the floor. Minutes later we were in Mrs Boyd’s grade listening to our guest speaker and her name was Bridget Donovan. Bridget is the executive producer for the new ABC show “Back Roads” and also is a journalist. She told us about the show  because it realates to our inquiry unit in a way. But when she started talking about her job it really got me thinking…

free glitter text and family website at

I think I want to be a biological scientist because I love animals, plants and science. I think I will enjoy this job because I like figuring out stuff and finding the best possible answer to anything alive.

The academic skills I will need are bio, humantites, health and English. The personal skills I will need are persistence, resilience, cooperation, active listening and organisation.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Why?

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Perfect Poetry

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This term we’ve been writing poems, I enjoy writing poems about nature because you can describe what you wrote about and what it does plus it’s characteristics.

My favourite types of poetry are adjective poems and Haiku poems. I like adjectives because you can describe stuff, but you might describe it differently to another person. I like Haikus because you have a limit but you can find other words that mean the same that have less syllables.

Here are two poems I wrote:


The year twos have time traveled!!!

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My Buddy Jacob Looking Pretty Awesome.

My Buddy Jacob Looking Pretty Awesome.

I heard a creak as the classroom door opened and I saw Mrs. Hensby dressed like an old fashioned teacher!!! Suddenly her class marched in dressed like kids in the olden days. Turns  out they had an old fashioned dress up day!!! The reason for this is that their inquiry unit was history of Gisborne and New Gisborne. My buddy Jacob looked so old fashioned minus the coloured tag, but still he looked pretty cool. He taught me something I didn’t know, I learnt that the Gisborne fountain was built and demolished 3 times!!! That’s right 3 times!

Perfect Persistence

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I sometimes get scared and think I can’t do it i think I can’t do it, I fell like stopping and giving up then I remember the you can do it key persistence and keep going and I accomplish it. I’m sure you don’t get what it is so I’ll tell you what it’s about. Persistence means to keep going even when things get hard and never ever give

Why is persistence important?
People have been using persistence since we were Neanderthals (I think) and still after around 200,000 years later we’re still using it. How do you think Nellie Bly travelled around the world in 72 days or one Edmund Hilary climbed Mount Everest? They used persistence, that’s how. It’s important because it’s what keeps people and animals alive and that’s how you get through life.

How can you be persistent?
Everyone is persistent, even babies but how can you show the world that you’re persistent? You could face your fears or try to break a world record or even just do something that you think is impossible. No matter how much of a scaredy cat you are you can always be persistent.

In conclusion everyone got some persistence in them and guess what it ties in with resilience because being persistent also means trying not to cry. So that’s all I think I can tell you so see ya later alligator!


Gorgeous Goals

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Hey buddies,

Here are my goals from English, Maths and Personal

Terrific Three Way Conference

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My script

My script

The reflection wheels

The reflection wheels

This was it, now I would be doing my three way conference with my family, Miss C and myself. I felt a strange feeling in my stomach, I had never felt before what was it?

Yes, that’s right we had to write our own 3 Way Confrence Script! We did it last year so we had a pretty good idea of what to do. This year we had to do it differently, because we weren’t in year 4 anymore! I understood every word Miss C had said. Two weeks later it was time…

I took a breath in and out staring at the door waiting for it to open, 4:45 struck on the clock the time for my interview what was happening the bell hadn’t gone off! I was really stressing out,why was I so stressed out? 5:50 had passed still no sound I was getting worried very worried what was going on? At 5:55 the bell finally went off, I walked in with mum, dad and Will coming in after me I collected the stuff I needed and I presented straight out of the package.

After 15 minutes the bell went of again we walked out it felt fabulous to have gotten this over and done with. Year 6 3 way conference here I come!

Hey, thanks for reading, would you be nervous? And why is that?

Reflecting on Reflecting?!

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My definition
Reflecting means you think deeply about something, the good thoughts and the bad thoughts. Thinking about what you could improve on next time, how you could of improved it. What we think of it.

Why do we reflect?
It would help me understand it more, be better at writing recounts. I could reflect on a good ride, a bad ride, the best day ever or the worst day ever. If you can reflect you can write a recount. You could write a good report, it all starts with reflecting.

How do we reflect?
People choose different ways to reflect, making notes, sitting down alone, with music on and etc. I reflect by writing notes into my memo book, sitting in a corner alone and sometimes using the hats!!!

My Marvellous Melbourne Immigration Museum Excursion

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My Reflection!

My Reflection!

Screech!!! The bus had pulled up on a freezing day in Melbourne. I took in a breath of the air and stared at the Immigration Museum. After a half an hour of snack we split into our groups as Group 1 stayed behind Group 2 walked to the Sandridge bridge.

I took my bag off and put it against the metal railing of the Sandridge Bridge and pulled out my iPad and met up with Jasmine to do our challenge given to us. First we took all our pictures and then we wrote down all our info. We were about half way through when we had to go to the Immigration Museum for our next activity.

After a short 2 minute walk we had arrived at the museum, we walked into a room with a member of staff in it. We all took a seat and there were strange suit cases on the tables, I had a closer look hmmm.. The staff member introduced herself by the name Zoe and explained to us about the suitcase challenge, she asked us to predict what decade our suitcases were from I studied ours and I scribbled down 2000s. We opened it, I picked up an ID card it said Yasser or something like that I already knew his name and his job( Photography.) By the end of the 15 mins we shared our answers around the room my group got it all correct!!! After that we ran up stairs and to into our groups for the passport session even though my group didn’t get much done we learnt a lot like you need heaps of stuff to migrate, the way ships changed over the years, what people brought to Australia and the migration history.

After lunch it was time to leave the museum and go back to school I think I learnt a million things but can’t remember most of them!! :X By the time we got back I filled out my passport a bit more and I recon today was great…