Sunbury Solar Boats Raceday

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On Thursday we had a solar boats raceday at Sunbury Primary. Our boat went very well, instead of writing a giant paragraph here is a thinking hats reflection.

What was your favourite part?

Solar Boats… Race Day!

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It’s Raceday and we will probably not win the whole thing but, here are some memories:

Here is a video of a race that we won:IMG_4840

Here is the top 10 test and race times:image

I made a word cloud about Solar Boats and words related to it:

My owned cloud on Solar Boats and words related to it

My word cloud on Solar Boats and words related to it

And here is a reflection wheel on race day:

My reflection wheel

My reflection wheel

In the end we won 3 races, how many races did you win?

Super Solar Boats #4

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Last week!!! 🙁

We’re almost done and I’m really really sad, it’s time to look back on everything.

Week 1: We got assigned our groups and made our test hulls.

Week 2: We started our poster, circuit and race hull.

Week 3: We worked hard and got everything close to finished.

Week 4: Today’s Raceday and everyone’s ready to go!

Sea Ya for the win!!!! 🙂

9 times 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12…

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Here is my hot tip to learn your nine times tables, times the number you’re times by nine by ten then minus what the number you are multiplying by nine. Example: 5×9=(5×10=50, 50-5=45) the answer is 45.

In life you would need your nine times tables to:

  • Buy stuff (something is $9 and you want to buy 3 of them it cost $27)
  • Work out the area of a building

Any more scenarios you would need them in?

Super Solar Boats! #3

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It’s week 3 and it’s almost the end of the journey! Next week we’re finished!!! So I’m going to write top 3 hints for me to be part of a successful
1.Communication, be careful about the way and how you say it. If you say it without a good tone someone could take it the wrong way and get really upset!
2. Organisation, be organised when working in a group, don’t forget anything and know what you’re going to do.
3. Positive, if you’re positive your work 100% better and also if you don’t show up with a positive attitude you won’t get anything done!
Hope you like the COP strategy and use it whenever you work in a group and work well and have fun!!!image

Super Solar Boats!!! #2

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It’s week two of solar boats and the completion is already pretty tough! We started testing and finished. We tested the boats on speed, buoyancy, plane, alignment and balance. My test hull looks like this:

My test hull!

My test hull!

My boat came 2nd after Ryan’s which was a perfect boat. Here is a picture of his:

Ryan's Test Hull

Ryan’s Test Hull

Today Wil has started working on the circuit, Ryan is designing the Race Hull and I’m in charge of the poster. If you want to see a bit more and even learn a bit more click on this link. Thank you and look out for more posts about the Super Solar Boats Journey!

What do you think would you do in solar boats?

Super Solar Boats!!! #1

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This week we started solar boats, it all started with Miss C saying,

“Choose someone you want to be with in Solar Boats!” I chose my best friend Lily and she chose me! After lunch everyone got told their groups and I was put with Lily, Wil and Ryan. First we came up with a few team protocols like listen to each other and put in 110%. Then we assigned numbers and jobs for this week and our jobs were the same to plan and build a test hull. So yesterday we all drew up plans for test hulls the plans were birds eye, isometric paper and side. But even though we finished in the first hour we couldn’t start due to the fact that no one brought in any polystyrene.

So today I brought  some polystyrene boxes from Coles .So we can start building today. Stay tuned if you want to hear more about the Super Solar Boats Journey!

What design would you choose and why?


Test Hull designs

Test Hull designs