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So in maths, we are doing this fitness thing called Me In A Minute. It’s where we are given a minute to do a a certain exercise as many times as we can, holding a position as long as we can and running as far as we can. Here is a list of the exercises and how I went on the first try,

Me in a min

After doing this we had to make goals about our scores and our goals for next time. My Goals were to get a basketball in the hoop from the free throw line because I got 0! And to do 70 starjumps because at home I can do it so I should be able get it here! I think I might achieve my goals and if not I will strive to get them!

What were your goals? Why?

Cheeky Cheat Sheet

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Shalom bloggers,

This Friday, we have a maths test. Uuughh… But at least we’re allowed cheat sheet. If you didn’t know what a cheat sheet is, it’s a sheet with tips, tricks & info for a test. It’s made by you and you put all the info you learned for a test. WARNING SOME TESTS DON’T ALLOW THIS!!!

It’s a decimals/fractions test, I know a lot about decimals operations so I looked at addition, subtraction and multiplication. I learnt how to do all those  operations, but before Friday I think I have to work on multiplication, because I still struggle a quite a bit with it.

I am feeling more confident with multiplying fractions, but I still need a bit of work. I feel like I achieved more accuracy with multiplication, but still need a bit of work.

Amazing Alegbra!!!

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Today we had independent maths, I did algebra. I know we have to wait till the end of the year to do algebra, but I WANTED TO BE CHALLENGED!!! It’s actually kind of easy once you get the hang of it. I first read Miss C’s maths dictionary to get the basic information, I then did two tests on maths online, on the first one I got 100% and on the second one I got 80%. I think it is good that I am learning algebra because I will get better understanding when we do it at the end of the year.

What do you think of algebra?

My 2nd test results.

My 2nd test results.

Marvellous Multiplying To The POWER OF!!!

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We had independent maths today,  I decided to do multiplying to the power of. If you don’t know what that means it looks like this:


It’s where you multipy the big number by as many times as the value of the little number above it. It seems hard but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. I decided to make a video, but first we had to write a script, at first I thought I could rush it but I realised, I wouldn’t get the right facts! So I spent my time and got a good result. I found it hardest when I had to think up an easier question and harder question, I had to think if it would be good for a beginner or not. Here is a picture of my first go at multiplying to the power of and my script:

Now I think I should practice it a bit more so I can get accurate. I will do this by practicing this the next independent maths and getting quicker with my multiplying to the power of. And also getting me accurate.

How are you feeling about multiplying to the power of?

Many Sided Shapes

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We’re doing independent maths again and I decided to do polygons because I don’t know what they’re all called. A polygon is a many sided shape. It doesn’t have a curve and all its sides are touching. I made a poster about them, but after spending two sessions on it, I don’t feel like I accomplished it. Here is my picture of it so far:


My fave polygon is a decagon what’s yours?

Independent Maths: 2016: 8 times tables

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Sup Bloggers,

Today we started independent maths for 2016 and we had to do times tables. I decided to get quicker with eights because I am accurate with them but not fast enough. I made flash cards, colour coded each number, wrote them down and did a pre test and a post test on times table me.

As you know I did a pre-test, post test, made flash cards, colour coded the numbers and wrote the eights down. Why did it help me? Colour coding each answer helped me because if it’s in the rainbow I think purple is the last so the last answer in the 8’s is 96. I made flash cards and wrote them down to help be go rapid fire.

I learnt that if you repeat it you will remember it more, you can learn it more than once and it’s never to late to learn a times table.

The most challenging part of the lesson was when I did the pre test because I could she the clock and it stressed me out.

What was your goal?