Oaks Day Fashion Parade!

Here comes Isabelle in a glamorous and exotic dress coloured in pastel pink, mint green and vibrant pink and purple flower prints complimented with a fire red and baby pink flower headband. This dress is full of colour not to mention her shiny new bright pink shoes with a gold tipped bow on top. Her wide smile and earth brown eyes glinting as she sails down the runway with her strawberry blonde bouncy hair falling like a waterfall down her front and back. A real arty combination of accessories gives this dress top marks in my book. This elegant dress is powerful, eye catching and a great look whatever the occasion.


That’s right, today we had an Oaks Day celebration at school. What is Oaks Day at NGPS? Well, it’s where all the grade sixes dress up like they’re going to the races and they do a fashion show. I didn’t like it, my shoes gave me blisters and my dress was stabbing into my back. On the catwalk I felt funny, infront of our class, I was so nervous! If I did this again I would just wear a jumpsuit!

How did you feel on the day?

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