Cheeky Cheat Sheet

Shalom bloggers,

This Friday, we have a maths test. Uuughh… But at least we’re allowed cheat sheet. If you didn’t know what a cheat sheet is, it’s a sheet with tips, tricks & info for a test. It’s made by you and you put all the info you learned for a test. WARNING SOME TESTS DON’T ALLOW THIS!!!

It’s a decimals/fractions test, I know a lot about decimals operations so I looked at addition, subtraction and multiplication. I learnt how to do all those  operations, but before Friday I think I have to work on multiplication, because I still struggle a quite a bit with it.

I am feeling more confident with multiplying fractions, but I still need a bit of work. I feel like I achieved more accuracy with multiplication, but still need a bit of work.

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