Independent Maths: 2016: 8 times tables

Sup Bloggers,

Today we started independent maths for 2016 and we had to do times tables. I decided to get quicker with eights because I am accurate with them but not fast enough. I made flash cards, colour coded each number, wrote them down and did a pre test and a post test on times table me.

As you know I did a pre-test, post test, made flash cards, colour coded the numbers and wrote the eights down. Why did it help me? Colour coding each answer helped me because if it’s in the rainbow I think purple is the last so the last answer in the 8’s is 96. I made flash cards and wrote them down to help be go rapid fire.

I learnt that if you repeat it you will remember it more, you can learn it more than once and it’s never to late to learn a times table.

The most challenging part of the lesson was when I did the pre test because I could she the clock and it stressed me out.

What was your goal?




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