Super Solar Boats!!! #1


This week we started solar boats, it all started with Miss C saying,

“Choose someone you want to be with in Solar Boats!” I chose my best friend Lily and she chose me! After lunch everyone got told their groups and I was put with Lily, Wil and Ryan. First we came up with a few team protocols like listen to each other and put in 110%. Then we assigned numbers and jobs for this week and our jobs were the same to plan and build a test hull. So yesterday we all drew up plans for test hulls the plans were birds eye, isometric paper and side. But even though we finished in the first hour we couldn’t start due to the fact that no one brought in any polystyrene.

So today I brought  some polystyrene boxes from Coles .So we can start building today. Stay tuned if you want to hear more about the Super Solar Boats Journey!

What design would you choose and why?


Test Hull designs

Test Hull designs

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