A map that will help us!

Zoos Victoria's wildlife conservation plan plz read for more information

Zoos Victoria’s wildlife conservation plan plz read for more information

A image from http://www.businessinsider.com.au/mexico-has-most-threatened-species-2015-4

A image from http://www.businessinsider.com.au/mexico-has-most-threatened-species-2015-4


Wow, look at this map it really helps me know where species that¬†endangered live. I never ever knew how many endangered species are on planet earth, in fact I thought Australia had the most ūüôĀ . The purpose is to help us know what species of mammals are endangered in what places and where to be careful.

This map shows me Madgasgar, Mexico,Indonesia and India have ¬†the most endangered species. The countries lest amount of endangered species are most of Europe and Lesotho in Africa. Grey means hardly any so why is it on Tasmania? weird….. As someone once said maps are treasured for their beauty and wisdom.

What will you do to help these animals in these areas?

What have you learned from this map?

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  1. Our class really enjoyed reading your post on endangered animals. We are not sure what we can do to help. Maybe you can give us some insight. Great post.

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