A Walk Through Gisborne

Description of John Aitken

Description of John Aitken


Today all the grade fours at NGPS walked to Gisborne! We visited the Pioner Park, the Mechanics Hall, the Court House, the Jail and Howey Reserve. We learnt about the pioneers how landed in Gisborne including William Hurst, Ross Watt and John Aitken. We went into the jail house and heard stories about prisoners (true ones but they made it a bit different) there were no humans just creepy maniquiens. We then went for a walk in Howey Reserve and learnt about Henry Howey and old buildings that still stand today. We went into the Court House that was built in 1859 and had a talk about it and said goodbye to the guides then we went into the Mechanics Hall for lunch. I never knew they thought Gisborne would become a big city! It was so interesting to find out all the Gisborne history, now my feet are killing me after the walk.


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  1. Dear Isabelle,
    I was fortunate to attend the dedication of the Pioneer’s Park in lovely Gisborne…you see, my g-grandfather Henry Beattie was John Aitken’s earliest overseer. He then managed one of the many Aitken owned stations, and in particular the one on the Barwon Riv. But a few years after John, Emerline and the Aitken family sailed back to England John, did you know he died suddenly and unexpectedly in a London hotel and the executors leased the Mount Aitken station – to Henry Beattie for more than 30 years. My dad – Stiven Beattie grew up on Gisborne Park, and so I still have a great affinity with your lovely part of Australia. Keep up your good work!

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